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Emily Rhodes wrote on April 28, 2020:
I know it's hard. There has been a lot of uncertainty, stress, and concerns over safety and supplies. It may sometimes feel like you are a soldier unwillingly conscripted to battle on the front lines...but you haven't quit. You keep fighting on and helping those who need it, sometimes at great risk to yourself and your loved ones. A thank you from a stranger won't make things better. But I hope this message shows you that you are not forgotten or alone.
Ann wrote on April 28, 2020:
Thank you to all the health care workers who continue to work on the front lines making sure we are all okay. Stay Healthy!
Janet wrote on April 28, 2020:
Thank you all for everything you guys are doing for the patients impacted by COVID-19!! Your sacrifices are appreciated and I am so excited to start PA school soon here and learn from such compassionate and knowledgeable providers and staff! God Bless You all!
Eileen wrote on April 28, 2020:
Thank you to all of you who are providing above and beyond care. You are appreciated, respected and thought of with a grateful heart.
Alice Tifft wrote on April 28, 2020:
Thank you for all your dedication and caring for our neighbors and families. Without all you've done, we would all be fighting a bigger war. Thanks for all your love and caring of mankind. God bless you all!
June Cox wrote on April 24, 2020:
I want to thank all on campus who are working daily to help support our community, and am amazed at their dedication to make lives better.
JOCELYN II MINA VALENCIA wrote on April 22, 2020:
Forever grateful to everyone behind the scenes - with much respect to all doctors and researchers.
NV wrote on April 22, 2020:
Although I'm concerned, I have full-faith in all our medical/healthcare staff to pull us through. It is truly how Dr. Henrich says, each and everyone of us contributes to this great organization. Thank you everyone for going above and beyond!
Antonio Soares wrote on April 20, 2020:
Thank you all that are working hard in these difficult times. God Bless you all.
Beverly Davenport wrote on April 17, 2020:
Thank you to all our healthcare workers who have the courage to put their lives on the line daily for our benefit.
Alice Strunk wrote on April 17, 2020:
Thank you for all the hours your scientists are putting in to find a vaccine for Covid 19. We are so lucky to have UT Health Science center in San Antonio
Cina Forgason wrote on April 17, 2020:
Thank you for your sacrifice & service to all people-grateful for your steadfastness as well as your ingenuity! Blessings to all!
Kenneth W. Donoughue wrote on April 16, 2020:
Thank you for all that you are doing to get this virus under control. You are in my prayers for your work and your health and safety.
Wendy Drezek wrote on April 16, 2020:
Thank you our heroic guardian angels--we send you love and caring and strength to help us through this time-- God Bless you.
Rose Reyes (King's Compassion) wrote on April 16, 2020:
Your sacrifices do not go unnoticed. We appreciate all that you are doing. We are encouraged, as we too make changes while serving our elderly poor, avoiding physical contact, in order for them to be protected and kept safe. Keep up the extraordinary work in these unusual times.
Javier Roman wrote on April 16, 2020:
Thanks to all our medical heroes! Our multilingual interpreters assisting medical staff and patients at UT Health facilities, get to witness efforts at all levels to serve everybody day in and day out, including our refugees and immigrants.
Linda Shafer wrote on April 16, 2020:
On behalf of the San Antonio District Dental Society member dentists, thank you for all you are doing during this COVID-19 coronavirus. Our dentists are doing all they can to handle emergency dental care to keep patients out of the ER leaving you to focus on virus patients. Take care and stay well.
Samuel Stahl wrote on April 16, 2020:
We are immensely grateful for your sacrificially serving others, while risking your lives in the process. May God bless you abundantly for your faithful outreach during these perilous times.
Joy Dillon wrote on April 16, 2020:
All your patients appreciate your dedication to us and your jobs in this difficult period. Without your knowledge and efforts, many people would be unable to obtain medical advice and/or treatment. Thank you!
e wrote on April 16, 2020:
Thank you, thank you, thank you.