Dr. Fred Campbell, our internal medicine specialist from the Division of General and Hospital Medicine, answered listeners’ questions about coronavirus.

He addressed concerns about starting the school year with a new syndrome that affects children called Pediatric Inflammatory Multisystem Syndrome. Dr. Campbell said the syndrome appears to be directly related to COVID-19 infection, is very serious, but only affects a small percentage of children at this time.

A question was asked about whether we are more at risk for infection when we go out in public now, since we have cut down on infection risk while sheltering at home. He said he has not seen any evidence that this would occur.

He was asked whether it may take more than one vaccine to attack various parts of the new coronavirus. Dr. Campbell said many are working on a vaccine taking different approaches and that it is possible that more than one version could be available in the future, but that this is purely speculative at this point.

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