The safest meeting is a virtual one.

Meetings should be held virtually, using platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom as much as possible. At UT Health San Antonio, meetings that are required to be held in-person must be held in a conference room with proper social distancing rules followed. These include keeping at least six feet apart and wearing a face mask. Departments should mark off chairs in conference rooms to encourage social distancing and limit meeting sizes to 10 people or less. If conference rooms are not available to safely accomplish social distancing, continue to use virtual meetings.

Other tips:

  • No food should be ordered for any meeting.
  • Informal, one-on-one meetings can be held by phone, email or through instant messaging services such as Jabber.
  • Organizations should institute a protocol to sanitize common areas such as conference rooms and break rooms. Conference tables, door handles and chairs should be wiped down with a disinfectant cloth at the beginning of each day and after each meeting.

A return-to-campus guide is available here.